Hamburg am Abend

Hamburg am Abend

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Blick von St. Petri in Richtung Innenstadt und Binnenalster

Fotograf Hamburg –

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  1. A stunning view! I love the perspective. As far as I remember +Dawid Zysnarski likes the city of Hamburg a lot. I wasn't there yet, but it seems to be a lovely, interesting city.

  2. wonderful photo …great light, tones and of course awesome view :))

  3. +Ingo Boelter hi I 've been there , see the restaurant where we lunchend

  4. Do I like it, +Amalia Angellinni  I've been living here since one year. I love this city. Going to stay here for a longer while. I feel at home in Hamburg. How can I not feel good in a city with two Stars of David in the crest?

  5. hello +Ingo Boelter just wanted to ask you if you could read my last post when you have a little time …it is just kind of informative that is it
    thank you and have a wonderful day : )))

  6. Great photos and always a careful and very nice presentation!

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